Mineplex Core Modules
The Hub Module

Hub Module

The hub module for MCR provides features aimed at more hub and bungeecord servers mostly, as these features alter the gameplay a bit.


NPC Module

The NPC Module adds /npc to MCR. Does neat stuff. Need I say more?


Bungee Module (In-Development)

The bungee module is just what it sounds like, A way to link MCR to bungeecord. It links ranks, levels, news, and adds /server and other commands.


Event Module (In-Development)

The event module adds *most* of the /e command that is used in the Mineplex event server. These include effects and other stuff.


Check/Support Module (Planned)

This module add's the /check command from the Mineplex staff server. This command has to do with stats, treasure, and other stuff like that.